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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.  Native American Proverb

Green Homes is a team of builders, architects, and project managers committed to sustainable building practices. Our goal is to design and build energy efficient homes using environmentally friendly materials and methods. At every stage of the building process there are things we can do to lessen the impact on the earth, while creating beautiful and healthy homes.

Whether it is reclaimed hardwood flooring, recycled denim insulation or low VOC paints; we want people to know all of their options when considering a project. We take pride in helping people make informed decisions.

Regardless of how “green” our customers want to go you can trust that we will maintain the following building practices:

Passive solar design to accommodate natural sunlight and shade from the natural setting
Biodegradable form release agents when pouring the foundation
Engineered and precut framing lumber to reduce scrap and waste
Advanced framing practices such as 2’ on center
Non-fiberglass insulation – blown-in cellulose (recycled paper), soy based expanding foams, recycled denim
Energy star windows, mechanicals and appliances
Mold and bacteria resistant sheetrock
Sustainable and plantation grown trim
Low/No VOC paint and finishes, glues and carpets
Sustainable flooring – Bamboo, cork, reclaimed lumber
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